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The American voter is asking one question.
December 2, 2015

With President Obama continuing his failing strategy against the expanding Islamic State, Americans are now saying their number one concern is terrorism and national security, according to a new Boston Globe Poll released over the weekend.

 The American voter is asking one

question: who will protect us? 

 At Heritage Alliance, we have made it

our purpose to provide the answer.

America is under attack from enemies 

both foreign and domestic.


We have elected people on their promise to protect us and stop our decline. They have ignored and failed us.

 Americans know the establishment is ignoring us.  This is one reason voters favor presidential candidates who defy the establishment, speak their convictions and are unafraid of political correctness.  We know empty rhetoric from the establishment is not working.

The Conservative movement has spent millions of dollars on issue-based advocacy.  Issue-based advocacy has not mattered because our politicians have misled us on where they stand on the issues.  Our voter guide cuts through the issues and shows you the true heart of each candidate.


It’s time Conservatives put game-changing information into their hands. Other voter guides typically favor establishment politicians.  At Heritage Alliance we believe iVoterGuide will change the face of elections, putting the real facts into the hands of conservative voters in the most crucial elections.

Countdown to 2016 Iowa GOP Caucuses

February 2, 2016

Iowa GOP Presidential Caucus

February 9, 2016

New Hampshire Presidential Primary

February 20, 2016

South Carolina Presidential Primary

February 23, 2016

Nevada Presidential Caucus

March 1, 2016

Super Tuesday Presidential Primaries (MI, MA, OK, TN, TX, VE, VI, NC)

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